Gomad days 13 – 17

In the past 5 days my weight has grown pretty steadily: 158.4 lbs., 158.6 lbs., 157.6 lbs., 158.6 lbs., and 159.2 lbs. In general, I still don’t look too much bigger (according to what people tell me and what I see in the mirror). I do notice that I don’t stay sore for as long after I workout now. With squats, I used to feel sore for days afterwards. This past week, I’ve done squats twice, and have only been sore for a day or so afterwards.

Unfortunately, I have to take 4 days off gomad since I’m traveling, and a gallon of milk doesn’t pack well. Hopefully in the next 4 days I don’t lose what I put on in the first 2 weeks!

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