Everyman day 1

I’ve just completed my first day of Everyman–I feel fine. Others who are using the Everyman schedule have said the first 2 days aren’t difficult but the the 4th and 5th days are the worst. I started my Everyman adjustment with a 3-hour core nap yesterday at 4A.M. I set 2 alarms, but woke up on my own 1 minute before the first one was set to go off (7A.M.).

I worked solid through the first part of my day until my first nap at noon. Since I have a habit of taking 15 to 20-minute naps already, it was no issue for me to lay down, fall asleep instantly, and wake up after 19 minutes (I’ve always seemed to wake up naturally a minute before my alarm on the standard monophasic sleep). Since it’s important to establish a routine to adjust to the new schedule, I made a point to change into my sleeping clothes and turn off the lights before my naps. Fortunately (for the Everyman, at the least), my bedroom does not have windows so turning off the lights makes the room pitch black. I also read right before my naps as a way to “wind-down.”

After I awaken from any of the naps, I make sure to eat a meal (breakfast, lunch, snack, anything), again, as a way to establish a routine. Also, if I want a beverage with caffeine (coffee, green tea, or soda) right after I wake up is when I drink it (and only one cup). Besides, I like coffee, and the half-life of caffeine in your body is about 5 hours–my awake time between any 2 naps.

My second nap at 5:20 could not come soon enough. I was yawning and starting to feel tired. I followed my routine, laid down, and was awoken by my first alarm. I felt pretty reinvigorated as I got up to make a snack and heat up tea.

Unfortunately my third nap did not go well at all. When I laid down at 10:40, I did not immediately fall asleep as I usually do. I tried all the sleeping tricks that I’ve found have worked for me–imagining myself shelving each individual task on a physical shelf, making word associations and seeing how far I could continue, etc. Nothing worked. I laid in bed awake until my alarm went off at 11. Since rules are rules and it’s more important to establish a schedule than it is to fudge the method, I got up, got dressed, and made a sandwich.

I’m currently in the 11P.M. to 4A.M. awake stage writing this post. I don’t feel tired at all, but I hope I start to so I don’t have trouble with my core nap. So far so good, but we’ll see where the rest of the week takes me.

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