Gomad followup

It’s been quite some time since my most recent go at Gomad, but I finally got around to crunching the numbers. From my starting weight of 147 lbs. to my ending weight of 160 lbs., I gained 13 lbs. This was all over a period of 25 days. That’s an average of .52 lbs. a day. I’d say that gaining half a pound a day is certainly progress!

Here’s a graph of my daily weight during my stint on Gomad. It shows a consistent increase in my body weight even though my day-to-day weight does fluctuate up and down by 2 to 3 lbs. One important thing to note: I was working out frequently during Gomad as I was trying to put as much of the weight on as muscle as possible.

Today my weight is about 155 lbs., so I haven’t kept on all my Gomad weight nor have I lost it all. It’s four months out from when I completed this run of Gomad, and I’m just happy I’ve kept any of the weight on. I still work out 2 to 3 days a week and do Bikram yoga another on my off days, so I like to think that the weight I’ve kept on is muscle as opposed to fat.

Side-effects: There were no major side-effects that I noticed during the duration of Gomad. A few minor side-effects I ran into were increased acne and gastrointestinal discomfort. The acne wasn’t too bad, and I made sure to wash my face twice a day to keep it in check. I did notice some acne on other parts of my skin that I didn’t usually get acne, but once I finished Gomad, my skin cleared up. I’m not sure if my acne would have gotten worse had I continued Gomad for a second month. The gastrointestinal discomfort was very minor and likely an effect of having so much liquid in my stomach. It was nothing alarming, and was gone, too, after Gomad was over.

Would I do Gomad again? In theory, yes. In reality, probably not. I’ve moved into a new place since my last run at Gomad, and I live with more roommates. I wouldn’t be able to stock the fridge with 7 gallons of milk weekly since there just isn’t enough room. Instead, my goal is to consume more calories in the form of milk/chicken/rice/yogurt etc. Though I won’t be doing any formal version of Gomad, Gomad has taught me that the body can handle the increased calorie count very well, and I can easily scale up my consumption to get my desired weight gain.

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