Sitecore iframe validation

According to the XHTML 1.1 specifications, iframes are deprecated and should be replaced by object tags. Sitecore validation correctly fails on any pages with iframes. Unfortunately, there are some edge cases where object tags do not always work (IE8, I’m looking at you). In the majority of cases, I’ve used object tags to embed content successfully while conforming to validation; however, in the one case where I’ve seen IE8 fail I’ve had to resort to using this javascript hack. This allows the page to validate successfully and …more

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SQL script to populate a state lookup table

I needed to populate a Microsoft SQL table with state lookup data, but was unable to find any scripts out there that I could copy and paste. Here’s what I ended up putting together. There’s nothing groundbreaking about this code snippet, but hopefully it saves you some …more

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Mad Men inspired canvas prints

I had a spot on the wall to fill, so I decided to make some Mad Men inspired art. I used the iconic falling man silhouette with a small tweak–a red tie. Then, I pulled a silhouette of the New York City skyline for the bottom of the canvas. I came up with two variations of these: a vertical set and horizontal set. Links to the original files are at the end of the post. I ended up choosing the horizontal set to send to a professional company for canvas printing. Which do you like more?

The horizontal falling man set expands …more

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Polyphasic sleep – Through the thick of it

Most anecdotal accounts I’ve read of people doing polyphasic sleep have noted that the 4th and 5th days are the most difficult for the Everyman cycle. I’m currently at the end of my 5th day, and in my opinion, the 3rd day was the hardest. For me, the 4th day of adaption was easier, and the 5th was a breeze. This could be due to the strictness with which I’ve maintained my schedule. I’ve never overslept an alarm nor have I allowed myself to sleep off-schedule. It must have paid off since today I …more

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Check Sitecore item presentation

There are many times when I’ve had to implement business logic that depended on whether or not Sitecore items had presentation details set. For example, in a site-wide page search, it wouldn’t make much sense to return links to items that have no presentation details. Checking if an item has a layout set is relatively easy once you know how:

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Everyman day 1

I’ve just completed my first day of Everyman–I feel fine. Others who are using the Everyman schedule have said the first 2 days aren’t difficult but the the 4th and 5th days are the worst. I started my Everyman adjustment with a 3-hour core nap yesterday at 4A.M. I set 2 alarms, but woke up on my own 1 minute before the first one was set to go off (7A.M.).

I worked solid through the first part of my day until my first nap at noon. Since I have a habit of …more

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Polyphasic sleep – Everyman

Ever since I heard about polyphasic sleep a year ago, I have been fascinated by it. Is it really possible to sleep less but be just as rested as with a standard monophasic 7-9 hour sleep schedule? I’ve spent the last year learning more about polyphasic sleep–the practice of sleeping multiple times in a 24 hour day–and decided it was time to give it a shot.

There are several types of polyphasic sleep schedules that people have successfully adopted. The most extreme is …more

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Gomad days 24 & 25

I’m back up to 160.2 lbs. on day 24, and hovering there at 160 lbs. on day 25. That puts me at about +13 since I started. Unfortunately, I’ll have to take a week off from working out since I won’t have access to the weight-room next week. That means gomad will have to stop, too (I can’t be getting fat here). I’m going to finish out strong this week with my final 2 gallons. I’m aiming for 162 to make it a full 15 lbs., and I hope I get there. I’ll do a full analysis of these past 4 weeks once I finish, too.

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Access parent DataItem in nested repeater

Every once in a while a presentation comes along that requires multiple nested repeaters. The majority of times I’ve encountered this, there is something special that needs to be done to the last item in the inner repeater. With one repeater, this sort of thing is trivial. For example, I may use this logic to set the html element’s class:

Once you start nesting repeaters, this …more

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Gomad day 23

Here we go, making my weight back up. Just another 1 lb., but it’s progress. I finished the leftover half gallon I failed to finish yesterday as well as my full gallon today. Milk + my three meals today totaled well over 4500 calories. Weight today: 158 lbs.

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