Removing Sitecore preview ribbon language

Preview ribbon language

When previewing a Sitecore item, there’s an option in the ribbon to change the language. For whatever reason, Japanese was a given option in the Sitecore installation I was working on. The only language needed for the Sitecore project was English, so any other options would just add unnecessary clutter. To remove this, navigate to …more

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Gomad day 22

I’m so hungry! After two weeks of giving myself an extra milk gallon’s worth of calories every day, going 4 days without it really cut down my energy. That’s close to 10,000 calories I missed over the past 4 days. I didn’t replace it with food either since I was travelling and had to plan meals around my travel itinerary. I dropped …more

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View currently logged in users in Sitecore

There are too many users using the system at this time.

Depending on how many concurrent sessions your Sitecore license allows, you may or may not have seen the message: There are too many users using the system at this time. From this page, clicking on “Kick User” will display a list of currently logged in users as well as giving on option to kick specific users.  This is a useful screen to see even when there aren’t too many users logged on. To get to it even when there aren’t too many active sessions, point your browser to

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Gomad days 13 – 17

In the past 5 days my weight has grown pretty steadily: 158.4 lbs., 158.6 lbs., 157.6 lbs., 158.6 lbs., and 159.2 lbs. In general, I still don’t look too much bigger (according to what people tell me and what I see in the mirror). I do notice that I don’t stay sore for as long after I workout now. With squats, I used to feel sore for days afterwards. This past week, I’ve done squats twice, and have only been sore for a day or so afterwards.

Unfortunately, I have to take 4 days off gomad since I’m traveling, and a gallon of milk doesn’t pack well. Hopefully in the next 4 days I don’t lose what I put on in the first 2 weeks!

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Passing properties into Sitecore sublayouts

I’ve run into multiple situations where I’ve wanted to reuse most of a Sitecore sublayout/control with only one or two differences in the control’s properties. For example,  this has happened when I have chunks of markup that are entirely identical on multiple pages, except for the CSS class. Using the sublayout’s parameter property, I’m able to reuse the control and set the CSS class dynamically from the sublayout’s parent page.

To do this, I pass & delimited attribute-value pairs into the sublayout’s parameter property:

From the control’s code-behind …more

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Gomad day 12

Half a pizza probably added to my weightMy weight this morning was 155 lbs.! I broke (or at least hit) the 155 wall. This is surprising because I took yesterday off from Gomad. I did eat a good amount, though, and wasn’t very active. Maybe my lazy day added more to my weight than Gomad would have. I should just drop Gomad completely and spend all my time on the couch eating pizza!

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Gomad day 8 – 11

154.8 lbs., 152.6 lbs., 155.8 lbs., and 154.4 lbs. My weight seems to be struggling to break 155. I still don’t feel like I’ve gained much (and I haven’t really). I look the same as I did when I started. My appetite is pretty lousy, almost certainly because I’m constantly downing milk.

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Sitecore FieldRenderer class attribute

I spent hours trying to figure out how to set the class attribute of images rendered with the Sitecore FieldRenderer. Unfortunately, the CssClass attribute does not work on the FieldRenderer control as it does on the Image WebControl. Long after I had given up and resigned to use <asp:Image>, my colleague figured out a workaround. Until there is a better solution, I’ll use this:

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Gomad days 5, 6, & 7

These past three days I’ve weighed in at 150.2 lbs., 154.6 lbs., and 154.8 lbs. on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, respectively. My calorie count has been well above 3500 calories. Sunday and Monday I counted til I got up to 3500 calories just to be sure, and I was definitely undercounting each meal. I’m keeping up with the compound lifts, and keeping the alcohol consumption down. My plan going into this second round was to do Gomad for 4 weeks, and I’ll probably stick to that plan. I don’t look or feel bloated yet, but after 4 weeks I definitely will. Just more weight to throw behind lifts, though!


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Sitecore current date in preview mode

To access the currently selected DateTime in the content editor’s preview mode, instead of checking the query string, use

Also, be sure to check if the page is in preview mode first. In my case, I had a presentation that changed based on the date, but wanted the content authors to be able to preview the presentation using the “Experience” ribbon. This allows for easier past/future page viewing without having to change the system date. This did the trick:

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